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sand box

lap top flat pads remind me
that money is not an option
old ties are hard to keep up with
standing still is only a thought
brushing your hair is for sissies
cafeteria food is not free

I wrote down evrything and said nothing to the point of exhaustion, and any parable can sound good if the right person reads it. coccaine stripes are walking and talking all the way to the desert. I am height.
I am with it.
reading is only a exercise and I am going bald.
i can't seem to do it.
i invented that too.
fuck you"""""""""""""""""9
two princesses told me that saltines just take getting used to and to have patience with that kind of shit. I told them I was hungry and left, smeling something I remembered as a child.
can I beat this thing and love it at the same time?
i hope not
the desert plays funny jokes on you
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