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people make me sad sometimes

their christianing angels in the boiler room
their hanging their socks out to dry
and when the children start to laugh
they quickly teach them how to cry
all the dumpsters and the businessmen
they need to get refilled
so they go back to their mother's house
and find their goldfish killed
and all the minorities shout "there's more to me!"
and the women shout the same
while the preyingmantis from atlantis
opens a bag of cocaine
yeah I've seen them all before it's true
there's nothing to surprise
even the sex offender screams
"I can see through your disguise"
so I kiss my hand and wipe my feet
and handle my first clue
while writing on the interstate
that "nothings ever new"
and people stop
and people go
they do this all their life
they eat and shit
and work and cry
and fuck their buddy's wife
yeah it's nothing really new to me
I've watched it everday
I've watched their life just pass them by
like the Macy's Day Parade
so now I'm scared to be a father
and I'm just not quite a son
I don't quite know where I fall
I guess under "everyone"
It's not that bad to tell you the truth
I've been called more than worse
I've been outside at christmas time
asking for pennydimes from your purse
so now the quarters flip
and shale rocks skip
and boredom becomes a word
that people use when their lonely
but thats just something that I heard.............
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