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from the inside of a forest fire in Oregon.........

a biologist conquest
pink morning
parking warning
drip down
to a surface sound
flaking bark
anticipating dark
false fables
over breakfast tables
tasting something that tastes like nothing
words ring out like symbols appear
breakdancing acknowledgement at the club last year
spitting cool spring water from my hot ass mouth
"oh these are the things that I dream about"
sticks float in the water
and the rocks grow green
the most ejaculating waterfall I ever did seen
kissing cries
missing hugs
from that chick in the east
pb&jelly without any yeast
dying trees
living proof
and little bubbles float
aimless redemption on a mental note
sunlight beams on my face
so crisp I can taste
naked men finding zen
mountain top
cash crop
mathematical symmetry
a personal giving tree
philosophical agility
physical ability
and amist of it all ashes falling on me
and amist of it all ashes falling on me.
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