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simple quaintness

because I usually spit shit about
simple pleasures
lost endeavors
and robin feathers
because this is all so simple to me
a patty-cake giving tree
on it's highest degree
that thing called humanity
and all it's components
it's just a collection of moments
collected emotions
old man potions
and indian oceans
all this beauty surrounding me
but I'm terrified to feel
cause I've been stripped and ripped
like a florida orange peel
all in the name of something called grace
how I compromise so much for just a little grace
you know that feeling
your face to the ceiling
faking everything you've dreamt of
with a push and a cosmic shove
all in the name of something called love
this love
this taste
this purifying grace
of amore
thats spores out of everyone's pores
I still don't know it
but I can't help to grow it
cause now that I feel something strong
I'm gonna split with it like a baton
till I know that it's wrong
cause it could only be right
it's too light to fight
my little muchacha
you hit me back like a maraca
forcing me to open this throat chakra
and maybe I shouldn't give out
when I should watch shit sprout
but I'm hungry for this
like a neighborhood kiss
like a neighborhood tree
that means so much to me
the only seed that grew
from the energy I push from me to you
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