custodial methanol (buckposton) wrote,
custodial methanol

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a poem a night

when I look at you I see molecules
I see dead sea scrolls
I see impending and relenting
all suspending on a branchville fire escape
I see you burning
I see you burning
I see people following you
copying your every movement
even when you are sleeping
I am keeping all of this inside
because I don't trust fingerprint smidges
or saliva-based kisses
or fortune cookie wishes
cause I leave burning bridges
yeah momma I leave burning bridges
and the taste in my mouth isn't fresh
it isn't pure
it isn't how you would describe it as the temperature of all humanity
it's too human for that
so run
let the 16 year old girls take pictures of me
and laugh at them loving me
something so trite
as a fuck from the west
I am burning this bridge
so you cannot get to me
I care that much
to not care at all.........
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