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I want to be rain.

I just got in and I am soaked. I went outside on my front stoop and watched the rain fall. I watched droplets of rain fall and land in puddles that other droplets of rain helped make. It was fun to watch the rain at work. making things, helping things to grow and live and be healthy. I got up from the stoop and walked out in to the rain and sat for a while. I listened to the river across the street become a little more alive. I started to get soaked so I took off my shirt and felt the rain fall on me and trickle down. I licked it off my skin and it tasted salty. every person that walked in or out of my building asked me what the fuck I was doing and probably thought I was even weirder than ever, I kinda liked that idea. after a while I got up, kissed the puddle that was much bigger now, wiped my forehead and headed up to the 3rd floor......
why can't I find a person that hits me like the rain does?
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